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Pure Source Healing

hat is pure source healing ?

Simply put, Pure Source Healing is a powerful combination of ancient and advanced healing modalities.

Many people now accept that the cause of many of our issues are unknown to our conscious reasoning mind.

With this form of therapeutic approach, we look beyond the surface (symptoms) to get to the core-root cause of any issue or imbalance that is causing you distress. Together, we will systematically ‘investigate' and release the blockages.

Much like the un-kinking of a hose, when the blockage is released, the natural flow is restored allowing the natural healing processes of the body to commence.

id you know...

Did you know that any agreements you have ever made (knowing or unknowingly) in any time, space or dimension, stand throughout ALL time and space - until broken or rescinded by you?
This means, that ANY agreement that is outdated (no longer serving you), entrapping or restrictive can be holding you back from the prosperous and joyful life that you deserve.

ure source healing is...

a super charged system which (based on your unique needs) can include any of the following:

• Identification & removal of your (specific) negative beliefs & installation of the most positive replacement for you
• Installation of positive templates specific to your needs & important for you living your best life
• Breaking & resolving of any past contracts entrapping or restricting you today
• Removal & disconnection from any negative surrogating or sacrificing behaviours or patterns
• Karma clearing & balancing
• Reclaiming, cleansing & reconnection to any of your lost or stolen soul fragments
• Cleansing & protection

• Reconnection & alignment to your souls most divine blueprint & life purpose
• Body, spirit, mind & soul healing, coaching, guidance & more
• Chakra clearing, balancing & activating
• Chinese Medicine
• NLP methods
• Cranial-sacral therapy
• Shamanic healing
• Inner child healing
• Past-life regression & positive re-creation
• Negative energy, entity and curse removal
• House / home, space, land & object clearing


"  the spark of the Divine lives within you
you are the Pure Source of your own healing and  truth "

ultidimensional therapy...

This form of multi-combinational therapy is transformative because it is capable of releasing all forms of pain.

It leaves no stone unturned and this is why it works.

Sessions are designed to continue working (and clearing) for you on multiple layers of your being - long after your session.

Are your Wounds Inherited?

Watch this 4 minute video to discover how
Genetic Memories shape our lives.

Client love...

Lucie's attention to detail, intellect and commitment in seeking out and shifting the root cause of the imbalance makes her a wizard in her craft. 

She has an incredible ability to create her own frameworks and protocols that are completely individualized and guided by a higher intelligence that understands what is really going on, this means true healing occurs, every time. 

I am so blessed and grateful to have this opportunity to have her healing blessings in my life.

Thank you Lucie.
xx  Sari. M xx

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 passion for upgrading lives

“Miracles are my favourite thing.
I dig them and I believe that anything is possible”
Lucie is wildly passionate about vitality, wellness, and total life-upgrading transformation, regeneration and natural healing.

Having more life-force is a natural response to the well-ness of a persons whole being.

Working directly with a persons unique Spirit to open up new opportunities for a joyful, inspirational, prosperous and fulfilling life is totally her ‘thing'
Lucie has completed more than 3000+ hours of one-on-one session time over the past 24 months.
Are you ready to uncover your best self?

" every human Being has the opportunity to evolve into a person with a Purpose"

before investing in Your Future Self Please read the information below Thank You

IMPORTANT Information About Your Session

• Packages are available only AFTER completing a SINGLE SESSION, to make sure we are a good fit for each other.
• If you auto-book a package without having experienced a single session, you will be REFUNDED.
• You are welcome to pay via credit card or bank transfer ( within Australia ).
• Pay with complete confidence via the (100% Secure / encrypted) with Debit/Credit Card by simply clicking on your choice of Single Session or Package links.
• All Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)
• All prices below are processed through Stripe and therefore include a 3% transaction fee.
• If you would like to save 3% on your payments, please contact Pure Source Healing and you will receive instructions on how to transfer directly to a bank account.
• Sessions are to be paid in FULL at the time of booking. Payment to be received no later than 48 hours prior to session time.
• There are NO REFUNDS given on session PACKAGES.
( As you can appreciate, this is not an impulse buy, as you'll have experienced a session and will therefore have chosen to continue with a package).
• All pre-paid sessions (packages) are to be redeemed within 12 months of purchase date.

Thank you.

All Packages are in Australian Dollars (AUD)


NOTE: Start with a single session before purchasing any packages - Thank You.
 3 - 4 Hours of Healing / Upgrade Time 
Includes 1+ hours of information gathering prior to your session
Your FIRST session can take up to an hour longer (up to 4 hrs in total)
Extra time is a GIFT from Lucie to you

Pure Source Healing

Your 1st Session

3 X Session Package

After completing a single session,
you are welcome to book this package
9+ Hours of Healing / Upgrade Time
Includes 4+ hours of information gathering prior to your session
Recommended over a 4 week period

Pure Source Healing

3 X Session Package

6 X Session Package

After completing a single session, you are welcome to book this package
18+ Hours of Healing / Upgrade Time
Includes 7+ hours of information gathering prior to your session

Pure Source Healing

6 X Session Package

The FREEDOM Package

36+ Hours of Healing / Upgrade Time
PLUS : You receive 1 x COMPLEMENTARY / GIFTED session absolutely FREE
Complimentary Session Valued at $444

Pure Source Healing


All Payments are secured with 256 BIT Enryption

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